Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Genographic Project

The National Geographic will trace your distant ancestry for you with just a swab of your cheek. If I had a 100 bucks to throw around, I'd totally do it. Supposedly, us Cohn's have a unique genetic heritage anyhow, so I'm guessing one of the answers they'd give would just be "Mesopotamia."

Also, if people like reading about science, I highly recommend this blog by Carl Zimmer. His brother Ben also seems to be a linguist, who posts to the ever-entertaining Language Log.


Anonymous said...

Neil, I'm going to do it! I ordered it and I don't think I can wait the 8 weeks to find out where on this planet my ancestors have seen. I'm sooooooooooo stoked! Thanks for the link--I ought to check your blog out more often.

Neil Cohn said...

Way cool! Knowing you, I don't find it all that surprising actually. :-P Let me know what you get back!