Sunday, July 09, 2006

Webcomics writers unite!

So, I successfully returned from my trip to Boston, having found a place to live, which is good, because then I don't have to start school living out of a U-Haul. On this trip I was given an amazing welcome tour by Comixpedia's very own Kelly Cooper. First Alexander Danner, now Kelly... Boston is having a great showing by webcomics writers! It bodes well I think, since they can recruit subjects for my mad experiments for me.

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AlexanderD said...

Ack, I'm sorry, I meant to get back to you about getting together while you were in town. I've just been so busy trying to get caught up again after being away myself, that I completely spaced.

I'm moving back to Boston sometime in the next couple of months though, so once we're both in town we'll definitely do something.