Sunday, October 22, 2006

Links of note

Rob Vollmar has posted another installment of his "Rage of Angels" essays. This one examines some of Outcault's Hogan's Alley works. While I'm fairly ambivilent to historical-literary analyses of these types, I hit Rob with some pretty hard comments on his last essays, so I figured I should point out that this one reads pretty well. Nice to see him jumping straight into the material without the faux-neuroscience discussion; it gives a much cleaner read and analysis I think.

This webcomic is funny to no end: xkcd. Definitely worth strolling through the archives when you have some need of procrastination or manic laughter. And, to make this at least a somewhat theory related plug... After reading a bunch of them, the simiplicity of the stick figures really grows on me. It also lends towards an acceptance of the stick figure as a common conventional sign for person. I know this isn't "news" per se, but with so much variation due to iconicity in most of the Western tradition, I kind of like the consistency. (It also reminds me of the Australian systems I'm always talking about, which depict people as a "U" shape)

Oh, and if I remember to get back into the groove of uploading the files, my Meditations comics should return this Tuesday. Watch out!

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